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Spider III Gas smell in the trunk fix

Forum Spider Spider III Gas smell in the trunk fix

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2017-06-25 16:49:25

Fixing the Gas Smell in the Trunk of an Alfa Romeo Spider, part 1 - International Auto Parts  |  More info

Silicone Hose

Hose Clamps

International Auto Parts

Fixing the Gas Smell in the Trunk of an Alfa Romeo Spider, part 1

This is a tech tip from International Auto Parts. Today we will be showing you how you can fix the common gas smell in the trunk of an Alfa Romeo Spider.

We are going to work on a 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider that the current owner has complained about a strong gas smell/vapor coming out of the trunk when ever it is opened. We have left the trunk open for a couple weeks now and we can still smell the gas/vapor on a regular basis.

What we are going to do first is fold down the rear panel in the trunk. That will give us access to the recirculation system. If you notice on the hose there is a one-way adapter attached. A one way adapter lets air in, but not out (this can be tested by blowing on both ends).

We are going to remove the tank in the back of the trunk. We just need a 10mm socket to remove the bolt on each side. Once we get it out you can see how the hose is wrapped around the top and hooks to a plastic tube. We think that it is here at the plastic hose where the problem may actually be since it has a pretty loose fitting. This hose doesn't have a clamp from the factory. As you can see the plastic hose connects to a piece of hose, an adapter, another piece of hose, and another one way valve till it works its way back around to the tank. We do not know why they stepped it the way they did, but we are going to put everything back just the way it was. We will use the same adapters, but we will use a silicone hose instead of the cloth radiator hose.

Now to take the cloth radiator hoses off just get a Philips head screwdriver and unscrew the clamps attached to the tank. You may notice that one of the hoses had a tube in it. We need to make sure that tube goes back into the top hole of the circulator tank before we put it back on.

You may notice there is another hose that goes back to the gas tank; in order to replace that we need to pull up the trunk gasket. Now that will allow us to fold the carpet down. There is just one clamp that holds it on so use your screwdriver again. The hose runs through some brackets, but they just bend back to get the hose out. Those are the only two lines we are going to mess with today.

As mentioned earlier we are replacing the cloth radiator hose with a silicone hose. The first hose is easy since it was just cutting it to the length of the other. We are going to route it the same way the other was and even clamp it the same way. The other hose was a little more work though since we had to put the valves and fittings back in. It is important when putting the hose back the one-way valve we mentioned in the beginning needs to be pointed upward in order to work properly. When we reattach the hose we are going to use clamps that we sell since they are rolled and not sharp like regular clamps; so they will not cut the hose.

Slide the clamp onto the end of the hose before you attach it so that you do not need to slide it over the length of the hose. When you tighten the clamps do not overly tighten since you do not want to cut the hose.

We are now going to mount the canister back, but we want to make sure the tube we mentioned earlier gets put back into the top hole. Again do not put the clamp tight especially since it is on plastic and you don't want to break it. Then we will put the bottom hose on. The silicone hose fits a lot tighter then the original hose, so hopefully this will stop the gas vapors from escaping. If it does not we will put a clamp or zip tie on. The last thing is just to make sure that the one-way valve is properly positioned facing upward. That is it and we are done.

2017-06-25 16:49:41

Fixing the Gas Smell in the Trunk of an Alfa Romeo Spider, part 2 - International Auto Parts  |  More info

Part # 32009 (In-Tank Fuel Pump)

Part # 16511 (In-Tank Filter Sock)

Fuel Tank Sending Units

Fixing the Gas Smell in the Trunk of an Alfa Romeo Spider, part 2

This is International Auto Parts Fixing the gas smell in the trunk of an Alfa Romeo Spider part 2.

Day 1 Session 2:

It has been about a week since we replaced the vacuum lines in the trunk. We are still having the gas smell, but it is not as bad. So this means that we fixed part of the problem, but it is not completely fixed yet. We have narrowed the problem down to the left side of the trunk where your gas fill and fuel supply line to the engine is at. So we are going to pull the floor carpet back and remove the trunk gasket again to pull back the side carpet.

We are going to be working around where the fuel pump and sending unit is located in the floor. We are going to remove all 6 screws and the washers that are under them. You then want to pull the wires off the top of the sending unit, but mark them so you know where to put them back. The black wire which is your ground goes on the bottom left fuse link. The purple wire which tells how much fuel is in the car attaches to the top left fuse link. The Pink wire with the white stripe which is power for the fuel pump attaches to the top middle fuse link. The white wire with a black stripe which is the indicator for the low fuel light on your dashboard attaches to the top right fuse link. Once disconnected you want to just pull them out and tuck them out of the way for now.

We are now going to try to get the sending unit out with the fuel pump on it. We are going to pull the supply hose off to give us some room to work. Tuck the fuel hose up so that it is propped upwards so that you don't have fuel running back out. Gently pull the sending unit and fuel pump all the way out. The gasket doesn't look to bad, but we will go ahead and put another one on it since we already have it out of the car. (Looking at the fuel pump on this car it is not an original, but aftermarket pump. The ones we sell do not look like this exactly, but we are going to leave it since it seems to be pumping fuel.) The gasket just slides down over the body. The sending unit though is original you can tell because of the basket bracket. The ones that we sell do not have that piece it just relies on the hose to make the connection to hold it all in place.

While we have the pump out we are actually going to go ahead and pull the screen out since we don't think it is doing much filtering. The screen is actually just something someone has put in there. You can see what remains of the original filter and it is actually broken apart; so we will go ahead and put a new filter in that will be the correct one. You don't need to put the bracket back on since the hose should hold it fine as long as it is in good shape, but this hose doesn't appear to be. So we will replace this as well.

Day 2 of Session 2:

We found a couple things wrong that we had not expected and you don't know till you are in it. When we put all the parts back in we are going to use the basket piece just so that it keeps the original look. We did find something else after we removed the sending unit; which was the float had gone bad and was full of gas; so we replaced that as well. We already have the new gasket back in place and we want to make sure we push the five screws through it so that we don't lose them in the gas tank. When we put the replacement hose on we want to make sure the 13mm side attaches to the sending unit and the 8mm side attaches to the fuel pump. There are no clamps needed it just slides into place and held by friction. Then we will reattach the bracket and a hose clamp is all that holds that into place. Finally we will put the new filter on which just snaps to the bottom of the pump.

When placing the fuel pump and sending unit back in it is important to have it in the correct clock position. It will fit any way, but will only work one way. When putting the pump back in you want to position the float so that it faces the right side of the trunk and then as it goes in the float arm is directly at your spare tire. You will need to mash the filter in as you put the pump in, but it will fit. Try to make sure on your gasket the largest hole is aligned with your fill, it help you align the rest of the holes up. Once the sending unit is back in place reinstall the fuel hose and the wires from earlier.

Aside from the fuel pump parts we replaced we also found that the carpet may have contributed to the smell. The carpet had gotten fumigated so we have pulled it out and are letting it air out. We think that this will fix the problem.

2017-06-25 16:50:12

Fixing the Gas Smell in the Trunk of an Alfa Romeo Spider, Part 3 - International Auto Parts  |  More info

Part # 17073 (Fuel Filler Neck Shield)

Part # 17056 (Hose, Fuel Tank Filler Neck)

Metric Fuel Hose by the Foot

International Auto Parts Home Page

This is International Auto Parts and we are back with the Part 3 installment of fixing the gas smell in the trunk of an Alfa Romeo Spider.

There are a couple things we are going to look at today. There is a seal that goes between the gas tank and the cover that goes over the gas tank. We think that may be saturated. There is also the possibility that the gas tank got a hole in the top of it somewhere; so we are going to check that out real good. We are also going to check out the fuel fill hose even though this has been replaced recently; since it could have gotten cut under the insulation.

We took the trunk lid off just to be able to better video this project. It is a good step to make sure that you disconnect the battery since we are going to have the gas hose off and you just don't want to have a problem.

The first thing we are going to do is remove the nine 17mm bolts that mount the cover plate over the gas tank. We are just going to fold back the carpet so that we can get to the bolts underneath. We will need to pull the supply hoses, fuel hose, vent tube, and the return line for the fuel. Once we have all the hoses and clamps removed we will replace the return hose as well. Keep in mind you can not replace these with silicone, but we do have ethanol resistant lines we will replace it with. The Fuel fill hose looks in good shape, but since we already have it off we will go ahead and replace it.

We will go ahead and remove the cover over the gas tank. We are also going to put a plastic cup in the gas tank to keep trash from getting into the tank and to keep the fumes from escaping. The back side of the metal cover has some padding, but this looks like it is in good shape. There is a seal that goes between the tank and the body of the car that we are going to look at as well as clean that area real good to make sure nothing is soaked in gas.

Since we are here we are going to replace the filler neck shield. This boot is just held in place by three bolts. Once we get the bolts out we will just pull the whole unit off to remove the boot. In our case it is good we did decide to replace since the boot was chafed all the way through and there was a hole. When putting the new one back we want to put the drain tube in first before we line up the bolt holes. We also want to make sure we snap the boot back onto the lip in the body. We want to start with the front, top, and bottom. The back part of the filler neck shield we can not do because of the gas release cable, but that is exactly how the original was as well.

We will go ahead and put the gas tank cover back on. When you go to put your washers back in; look carefully since they are not actually flat washers, but beveled washer. You will want to put the concave side of the washer down towards the plate before you put your bolt on.

Now we will install our return line. It makes it easier to slide one of the clamps over the nipple of the tank first. After the return line, we will put the supply line back in. This hose is a little harder to get to since there is no good way to screw it in. A trick though is to slide the screwdriver through the middle hole and push it forward from the back hole till you get it lined up on the clamp itself. This will take a while, but just work with it. The last piece we are going to put in is the fill neck hose. This is a very tight fit so you will just have to work with it.

We have the fuel system sealed all back up. We will let this sit for a few days to see if it has fixed the problem. If you do not see a part four then that means that this was successful, otherwise we will be back.

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