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Spider III Trunk carpet set replacement

Forum Spider Spider III Trunk carpet set replacement

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2017-06-25 16:53:18

Replacing the Trunk Carpet Set on an Alfa Romeo Spider - International Auto Parts  |  More info

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Part # 98805 (Trunk Carpet, Charcoal Gray)

Part # 82722 (Trunk Molding)

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Replacing the Trunk Carpet Set on an Alfa Romeo Spider

This is International Auto Parts with another project tip. Today we are going to be working on a 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider; replacing the trunk carpet set.

For this project you are going to need several tools (Drill, staple gun, rivets, Philips head screwdriver, door panel clip tool remover, scratch awl, & heavy-duty Velcro). In the AR Spider we are working on the board is broken so we are going to use the broken one to cut out a new pattern.

The first thing you are going to want to do is remove the trunk gasket. Then you will remove the side pieces of the trunk carpet, and then pull the whole carpet out. The carpet will also have the backing board on it. The next piece we are going to take out is the rear piece that covers up the tail lamps. There are three door panel clips and on the far side there is a license plate light contact that we will remove with a Philips head screw driver. To remove the door panel clips just use a door panel clip tool remover. Just work it under the clips back and forth and pry on it a little and they should come right out; some easier then others. Once the door panel clips and license plate contacts are removed the carpet will come right up.

When putting the new rear piece back in you want to make sure you put the license plate light contact back through the whole first before you fasten the rest down. The door clips you can just push back into there holes with your hand. Use a scratch awl tool to line up your holes for the license plate light contact one at a time. Then just screw the screws back in and tighten up with a Philips head screwdriver.

Then go around to the passenger side and this is the piece that goes over where the battery is at. What you are going to want to do is lay the vinyl flap over the channel where the trunk gasket is at. You want to get the seam as close to the top as you can. What you are going to try and do is conceal all of this vinyl with the trunk gasket itself. Once we are done we are going to go back and cut the excess trim off. Now we will go around and do the driver side and this is going to be the same process as the passenger side.

Next you want to test fit your backing board. We had cut a new board since the original one was cracked. The material we had picked made it difficult to use a staple gun and we had to use adhesive, but typically a staple gun works just fine (this will be a trial and error test on your part depending on the material used). Then we reinstalled the backing board. We put heavy-duty Velcro down at the bottom to attach this piece. The Velcro is concealed, but we highlight it with a yellow strip in the video to show you where we put it. After the back piece is mounted you want to put the floor carpet in. The larger of the two pieces goes on the passenger side and the shorter one goes on the driver side.

The last thing we had to do was replace the Velcro strips on the top of the back board as well as the vehicle. We used rivets to mount the pieces to the vehicle and adhesive for the board.

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