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Spider III Upper door trim replacement

Forum Spider Spider III Upper door trim replacement

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2017-06-25 16:51:54

Replacing the Upper Door Trim on an Alfa Romeo Spider - International Auto Parts  |  More info

Part # 30485 (Rear Side Panel Set, Brown)

International Auto Parts

Replacing the Upper Door Trim on an Alfa Romeo Spider

This is International Auto Parts with a tech tip about replacing the upper door trim on an Alfa Romeo Spider. Today we are going to be working on a 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce. This tech tip is going to be applicable to 1986-1994 Veloce and Quadrifoglio cars.

We are going to replace the upper portion of the door panel. To remove the old one you just grab it at both ends and pull up on it. You will see there are some clips on the back side. In the video session some of the clips stayed on the door and some on the upper door panel. The clips that came off of the door you want to pull them off and reinstall them. When installing the clips just push them back down till they snap back into place. You want to make sure that they are all the way down so that the panel will line back up.

We have laid out the old portion and even pulled the vinyl off so that you can see how it cracks up. The cracks just come from the sun and heat.

Once you get your clips installed line the new panel up front to back. Then just press down firmly and it will snap into place. Be careful with the front since you may have to tweak it slightly to get it to snap into place, but it will go.

It is that simple!

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