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Spider III Windshield replacement

Forum Spider Spider III Windshield replacement

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2017-06-25 16:52:26

Replacing the Windshield Trim on an Alfa Romeo Spider - International Auto Parts  |  More info

Part # 30294 (Windshield Inside Trim Set, Black Plastic, 5 pieces)

Part # 24553 (Replacement Rear View Mirror & Glass)

Part # 4779 (Clip, Sun Visor)

Part # 43641 (Plate, Convertible Top Mounting)

Part # 30276 (Sun Visor, Driver Side)

Part # 30275 (Sun Visor, Passenger Side)

Sun Visors

International Auto Parts

Replacing the Windshield Trim on an Alfa Romeo Spider

This is International Auto Parts with a tech tip on replacing the interior windshield trim on an Alfa Romeo Spider. Today we are going to be working on a 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider. This tip will be applicable to 1971-1994 Alfa Romeo Spiders.

First thing we are going to do is pop the mirror off. You can see that there are two Philips head screws holding the mounting bracket in place. We will remove those and remove the mounting bracket. Next we will remove the two visors. There are four Philips head screws on each visor; two on each side of the visors. Then we will remove the convertible top receiver latches. Just make sure when you reinstall the convertible top receiver latches that you put the guide plates back the same way; since you can put them in backwards.

You can see that what is remaining is the center piece windshield trim. If you notice it has several cracks in it. These always crack where the Philips head screws go in. So when you install the new piece you don't want to over tighten or they will just crack again. Due to the cracks you can see once we remove the screws it falls apart in pieces. Once you have the center piece out clean the area if needed with just a damp cloth or anything just to get the dirt out.

We are also going to show you how to do the vertical piece on the passenger side. It should just be three Philips head screws. Just reuse the same screws on the new piece.

With the center bow we are going to reattach it with the rear view mirror bracket. Next reinstall the convertible top receiver latches, but you just want to start the screws don't tighten them all the way yet since you may need to make adjustments. Remember to line up the guides on the latches the way they were before. Next put the four Philips head screws back in center piece windshield trim; two on each side of the rear view mirror bracket. These will be concealed by the visors when you put them back on. Now go back and snug up the other six Philips head screws you put in before; starting with the mirror bracket in the center. Remember don't put them to tight or it will crack again. Next reattach the drive and passenger visors. The final step is just to reinstall the rear view mirror; this just snaps into place.

That's all there is to it!